Ty Moser

Ty Moser


After graduating from a small, northern Indiana school, he went to Purdue University to major in Computer Technology.

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Ty Moser

Paula Moser

CAO and VP of Finance

Paula Moser was born in Minnesota and raised in the Indianapolis area. She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree.

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director: Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett

Managing Director, Application Development

Matt brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to his role, and over 17 years of experience as a full-stack developer, with an emphasis on .NET and other Microsoft Technologies. Having owned and operated his own LLC for 10 years, he has worked in Health Care, Non-profit, Homebuilding, Insurance, Publishing, and other markets and brings that diverse experience to his work every day.

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director: Chris Lowder

Chris Lowder

Managing Director, Infrastructure Services

On a day-to-day basis, Chris Lowder, Moser’s Managing Director of Infrastructure Services, provides technical leadership for Moser’s Technical Leads and Project Managers, advising them on how to work with their clients…

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director: Tim Mack

Tim Mack

Managing Director, Database Services

Tim Mack, Moser’s Director of Database Practice, took a rather uncommon path into the IT industry, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science from Purdue University and accepting a job with the…

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director: Shaun McAdams

Shaun McAdams

Managing Director, Big Data

Shaun is Vice President of Data and Analytics at Moser.

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director: Troy Moser

Troy Moser

Managing Director, Business Services

Troy Moser, Managing Director of Business Services for Moser Consulting, began working for the company soon after graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems…

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director: Melinda Plaugher

Melinda Plaugher

Managing Director, Federal Markets

Melinda joined Moser in May 2019. Her career has been predominately focused in health within federal government contracting, both on ensuring exemplary delivery as well as strategic growth.

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director: Jim Timberman

Jim Timberman

Managing Director, Managed Services

As the Director of Managed Services, Jim Timberman is responsible for the strategic development of an entirely new business segment at Moser, working with several clients to provide such services as service desk…

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director: Matt Wren

Matt Wren

Director, Business Development

Matt serves as Moser’s Director of Business Development. He currently manages the Business Development team in Indianapolis and Baltimore as well as helps develop relationships with each of our customers, vendors and partners.

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