ASCII Anything Podcast S1E3: Spam, Scams and Sabotage: Tales of Adventure from the IT Helpdesk

with Jim Timberman and Chadd Wheat

In Episode 3 of ASCII Anything, a podcast produced by Moser Consulting, host Angel Leon talks about the IT Helpdesk with Moser Consulting experts Jim Timberman and Chadd Wheat. Their discussion covers Helpdesk stereotypes, the need to maintain constant vigilance against hackers, and good ways to avoid security breaches, such as trusting absolutely nothing you see, hear, or read...

You’ll also learn that the basement-dwelling nerd is a boring stereotype that has never been accurate, and why it's less accurate than ever in today's interactive and fast-paced world of IT and data security. From safety tips, horror stories, and the daily challenges IT Helpdesks face and overcome, we asked and they answered!

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