Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math camps are a fantastic way to develop your child’s education and soft skills in a fun and engaging environment. But how can you get your child to become more engaged with these subjects? During the summer months, for example, kids often forget most of the information they learned during the school year. This is because they are not in an environment pushing them to learn and use the information they absorbed. Luckily, there are fantastic camps available during summer break (and the rest of the year) to continue the education from the classroom. So what is a STEM camp? Essentially they work as a tool to enrich your child’s understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math. This blog will function as a guide on why these camps can be so beneficial.

What are the Benefits of a STEM Camp?

While we agree everyone enjoys going on a vacation and soaking up some good weather during the summer months, we believe that STEM camps can be fun and enriching for children of all ages. These camps build upon lessons learned in the classroom, and they can explore different topics that they were not able to cover during the school year. Here is a brief list of some of the incredible skills and knowledge STEM camps can offer your children.

  • Problem Solving Skills: Creative problem solving is a skill that is in high demand in the job market. Forbes labeled it as one of the 15 soft skills people will need to succeed when entering the workforce. Rather than just memorizing information to ace a test, these camps provide the opportunity to take an in-depth look at complex problems to find a solution that works.
  • Teamwork: Regardless of what career path your child wishes to pursue, they will need to work as a part of a cohesive team. Even if they understand the material and can apply it, they need to effectively communicate with others and properly take in their feedback.
  • Real-World Lessons: Failure is a vital part of the learning process in the STEM field. Using the scientific method or other experiments to test ideas reinforces the notion that getting something wrong is not bad, rather, it can lead to greater success down the road. Most STEM camp activities focus on subject matter that goes beyond the textbook using real-world examples.

STEM camps help show children that learning can be exciting. The camps provide an environment that encourages exploration and questions about these expansive career fields.

How Much do STEM Camps Cost?

School and all the required supplies are expensive as it is andparents are rightfully cautious about where they spend their money. Think of the camp as a supplement to help them in their educational journey. The cost of a STEM camp will come down to various factors like course length, the level of curriculum, and the STEM camp locations (in person or virtual, etc.). Some introductory level courses could cost around a few hundred dollars a week for half-day programs, while full-day courses with overnight stays can cost several thousand dollars a week. There are many options that will work for you and your child.

What is the Best STEM Camp?

You may have already guessed the answer, but there is no "best" STEM camp because each child is different It’s important to cater your search to your child's interests. Sit down and talk about what they like to study in school or what job would interest them later in life. Maybe your child loves science but is not as interested in technology, engineering, or math. That is okay! Your search can now hone in on camps that have a particular interest in science. One great way to decide on a camp for your child is to look at who will be teaching the lessons. The best courses are taught by individuals who have years of experience in the field they are instructing in. This lets you know your child is getting the best education possible. The information usually is easy to find. All you need to do is navigate to their "About Us" or "Team" page to see who will be working with your child.

Moser Consulting: Like an IT Camp for Adults

The education process does not stop later in life once someone joins the professional workforce. Companies like Moser Consulting function as the “camp counsoulers” for organizations that need a boost in their IT services. Utilizing teamwork and problem-solving skills liket those that the camps teach, the staff at Moser offers IT education for individuals and teams.

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