Sustainability, efficiency, environmental, and social responsibility are the pillars of Moser’s company culture.

Moser is involved heavily with both of the local communities of Indianapolis and Baltimore, leading many efforts to help give back. By being responsible with resources, Moser has given back to the environment consistently. LED lights are deployed both outside and inside, using 75% less power than standard lights and lasting significantly longer. Another important step Moser takes is to encourage the recycling of waste, promoting reuse, or proper disposal methods. These steps taken together help lower Moser’s carbon footprint.

As green technology evolves, Moser continually increases their avenues for sustainability. Incentivizing electric and hybrid vehicles, the corporate headquarters features car charging stations. Included is an access pass for employees, enabling free and timely recharges for their low emission vehicles. Electricity takes the strain off more polluting power sources, motivating Moser to switch to rechargeable batteries to power wireless computer accessories. Disposable batteries account for over 20% of hazardous waste in landfills. To combat this statistic, Moser recycles batteries and has replaced all disposable batteries in the workplace with more efficient, rechargeable options.

Electric cars at charging dock
EV electric car charging station
Energy efficient exterior led lighting
Electric car charger
Back pond of moser building
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