Moser Consulting is looking for talented technology experts who are collaborative and customer-focused for positions in Indianapolis, Baltimore and remote or work from home.

At Moser Consulting, our people are our #1 asset. We hire the best people, welcome them like family, connect them with opportunities, and let them do what they do best: produce innovative solutions to technology problems.

We are a privately held company that offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefit and perk package to our full-time consultants. We have been named to the Best Places to Work list in Indiana for 8 consecutive years.

  • Training Opportunities
  • Fully invested 401K plan
  • Employer paid Dental and Vision plans
  • Onsite fitness center
  • Wonderful Health Insurance programs
  • Wellness Program
  • Catered Lunches

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comments from employee survey

At Moser, we work hard and we play hard. I enjoy working with the people here and I believe that I could call anyone at anytime to assist me with a problem. I truly believe that the culture here fosters an environment of excellence and growth. Even the impromptu meetings with others in the lunch room or whatnot benefit me greatly. It's a great place to work -- and Ty and Paula (and managment) have made this a fun, safe, and comfortable place to be.

Created a family environment. The organization embraces it's employees and promotes a positive work ethic and environment to succeed. Everyone in the organization has an open door policy. I find myself conversing with my fellow employees outside of work.

Employee satisfaction and being well taken care-of are a very high priority--unlike any other employer for whom I have worked. Employees are rewarded for hard work and encouraged to voice opinions and/or concerns.

Encourages interaction among employees by providing a magnificent break room/lunch room where free coffee, breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided daily. Owners show they care about each employee by giving gift cards on birthdays, extravagant company picnics and holiday parties, reduced rates on healthcare benefits, free vision, dental, disability benefits, beautiful, modern workplace and a huge patio overlooking a lake w/ultra plush furnishings and wifi.

Everything - great place, great people, great pay and benefits. The owners treat you like family. I have nothing bad to say about the organization.

From the new office, to the meals provided, fitness perks, and cellphone allowance, I think this company is far ahead of most when it comes to treating the employees well.

Great office work environment that includes treadmill work desks, fitness room stocked with the latest equipment/accessories to help maintain wellness, latest hardware/software tools to keep up with industry and beyond. Great cafe' equipped with healthy meal choices and snacks. Offers excellent training opportunities externally, as well as eLearning self-service training. Promotes community charity that gives back. Models excellence in the marketplace.

I have always felt that Moser had a genuine interest in it's employees. While it has grown in size over the past couple of years it is very apparent that an effort is being made to keep employees happy. In addition, I have always felt that quality of individuals hired has been first rate. I prefer to work with good people.

Is just awesome in some many ways...words are hard to describe the experience.

Monthly meetings provide plenty of transparency associated with company profitability, which provides a sense of job security. As an employee, I feel that my work-life balance is respected and that I am a valued member of a team. Furthermore, the company appears to have taken an interest in my career goals and future.

Moser Consulting respects, and appreciates it's employees. Ty Moser does thing for his employees because he wants to not because he feels like he needs to. He believes in a work life balance, and that means a lot when you have a family. Also, they are very flexible with your work schedule; as long as things are communicated and everyone is on the same page, they are flexible with you.

Moser Inc. provides me a balance of work and home life. They also provide me needed support while allowing me to work independently.

Moser is like no other place I have ever worked. The care and concern for employees is like no other organization I have experienced. They are very generous with their time, energy and communication. I feel extremely valued.

People want to work here because the owners and executive team truly care about you. They want to make sure you are taken care of as an employee. They want to make sure you have a great work life balance. The benefits and perks are top notch of any company around.

The company is focused on delivering high quality. Retention and training are important. Most of all, the company leadership lives the core values that they espouse. It is a unique environment that is rarely seen.

The environment and the personnel prompt a very energetic place to work. This is the first company i have felt the sense of being a part of something great.

The way they treat their employees is very refreshing. In consulting, it is easy for a company to treat you as a commodity instead of a person. Personal interest in the employees is a positive.

They are transparent both financially and physically. They care about all employees and go above and beyond to make sure there is a balance of work & home.

Ty Moser treats his employees the way he wanted to be treated when he was in our shoes. It shows everyday in all the company does. It's a family that runs Moser Consulting and they make us feel as if we're part of the family as well.

Ty takes care of his people, and I feel I have the ability to speak freely, even critically if necessary. They value their people, they trust their abilities to get the job done, and encourage their employees to pursue training to enhance their skills.

Ty and Paula Moser have done a fantastic job of creating a company and culture that makes Moser Consulting one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

Where else could we work outside on a beautiful patio overlooking a lake, enjoy BBQ'd meats cooked by employees who do that simply for the satisfaction of their fellow staff members? No where that I know of.