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SQL Server Checkup (& Best Practice Analysis)

Improve performance, reliability, stability, and scalability of SQL Server database environments by implementing the MOSER SQL Server Health Check recommendations. The MOSER SQL Server Checkup is an analysis of a SQL Server Database Environment. We analyze the setup, health, and performance of all database servers and recommend changes based on our experience and knowledge of SQL Server Best Practices.

Performance Tuning

Are users complaining about sluggish performance? Is there a query that just won’t perform well? Do your hardware metrics indicate no issue but things are still slow? Moser has a team of expert performance tuners that will identify, recommend, and in many cases, fix the issue.

DBA as a Service

Don’t have a need for a full-time (and backup) DBA? Many environments in this situation rely upon a developer or systems admin to also do database administration duties. This is a scary proposition because your data is one of your most valuable assets. It is very common for database environments to be at risk due to the limited Database Administration knowledge.

An alternative solution is to utilize Moser’s DBA as a Service. You will have highly skilled and experienced DBAs you can trust with your data.

Cloud Computing

What are the benefits of AWS and Azure? What is the difference between PaaS and IaaS? Which is a better fit for your database environment? We have experience in many different cloud computing providers and have worked with different platforms. We can help you determine the best decision for your needs and help with the transition to the cloud or elsewhere.

Database Migrations

SQL Server 2012 is out of mainstream support after June 2017. All databases should be upgraded to SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2016 to keep your data on vendor supported software.

Database Consolidations

Save HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS or even MILLIONS of dollars!! Many database environments are scattered on a varying array of hardware. Sometimes databases share hardware resources with other applications or processes. SQL Server Licensing can get expensive in situations like this. Moser Consulting has helped clients save MILLIONS of dollars by consolidating databases.

moser success stories

Health Check of Systems Reveal Gaps

Moser was engaged by a client with a critical performance issue. The Moser team started the engagement by running the Moser SQL Server Health Check, which identified numerous performance and configuration issues. Upon applying the recommended stability fixes, disaster recovery fixes, and performance recommendations, the performance improved dramatically. 
The graph above shows wait time on the database per day (wait times are on the vertical axis and the day is on the horizontal axis of the graph).  The first set of recommendations were implemented on August 10; the second set on August 22. This resulted in a total of 58% performance improvement.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Moser Consulting was contracted by a health agency to ensure their systems were running as they should be, and to assist in moving databases. The client was not aware of any issues; however, on the first day of the engagement, Moser consultants ran a Moser SQL Server Health Check.  The Health Check showed that one of the client’s main database servers was out of disk space, which was going to cause an outage to a central application that the hospital relied on.  Moser presented this finding to the staff and the outage was prevented.  

Saving Money by Organizing Databases

A local organization was spending $388,000 dollars to license SQL Server across their environment.  Moser embarked on a Database Consolidation project to better utilize hardware and consolidate from 15 database servers to 3 database servers.  After the project, the licensing cost was $62K.  This is a savings of $325,000 dollars. 

Regular System Outages Avoided

A company that monitors checkout areas in stores contracted Moser Consulting when their database application became unresponsive to the point the client was restarting their database 3-4 times a week.  This caused lengthy outages and reduced productivity.  Moser consultants came in and set up a Moser Health Check.  While still in the monitoring phase, one of these events occurred allowing the team to identify the root cause of this issue as a segment of poor performing queries.  The Moser team identified and implemented missing indexes, which fixed the performance of these queries.  This stabilized the entire application as well as improved the overall performance.

Missing Data

A national device component manufacturer approached Moser Consulting with an issue of critical sales data disappearing from their database.  The company had verified that the data was in the database originally, but then the data disappeared.  Moser quickly set up a few troubleshooting tasks. Moser accurately identified the area in the client code that was causing the data to go missing and immediately fixed the problem.

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