Operations Design broken cogs

Management methods and tools have to be synchronized for either to be efficient. Operations Design merges the technology with the processes and the training it takes to drive meaningful, measurable increases in value delivery.

Harmonizing Tools, Methodology, and Management Within Your Business Processes Drive Constant and Measurable Value Creation. 

In today’s marketplace, organizations rely heavily on technical solutions and modern management techniques to excel. We can integrate tools into a single platform with a single source of truth that informs the ways people work to deliver high value quickly. Our motivations for modernizing methodologies and metrics are clearer and more urgent every day-but applying theories to real-life workplaces and trying to get new metrics out of old tools slows down even the smartest moves. 

We deliver modernization for our clients’ methodologies, business processes, and tool stacks together. Our three-component solutions allow us to see the included integrations and dependencies from the start. Implementing them together in a planned, thoughtful, and scalable way maintains productivity during the adoption, accelerates full adoption, and maximizes long-term benefits.

We combine:

  • broad and deep technical expertise
  • constraint thinking, straightforward and realistic Agile-inspired methodologies, and other modern management approaches
  • industry-best tools for documentation & compliance, productions, communication, and automation 

into a single holistic ecosystem that measurably adds value and distinction to your organization so you and your customers stay focused on what you do best.

Initial Offerings:

  • Ops Design Assessment: 2 weeks/80 hours establishing baseline metrics and actionable guidance on:
    • Methodology
    • Technology
    • Process, structure, and metrics 
  • "Strategy-to-Tactics": collaborate with leadership and management to create a tangible plan for the first phase of implementing strategic modernization decisions 
  • Tool Mapping: assess, configure, and align existing tools and processes to maximize the overall effectiveness
  • Workshops: Customized "Agile in Real Life" and "Product Owner in Real Life", in addition to fully customized seminars and workshops covering other Ops Design topics for your teams

Advanced Offerings: 

  • Organizational Ops Design Coach: Regular onsite time for deliverables unique to each client, "Office Hours", workshops and training, and others. Deliverables change over time as new needs are uncovered, and existing priorities are met and changed.
  • Operations Design Core:
    • Methodology-agnostic guidance on organizations structure and value development/delivery structure
    • Design and configuration of integrated single-source-of-truth tools platform that can be scaled and extended to as many units as possible
    • Via that platform, maximization of automation of:
      • Quality Assurance/Engineering, including process, structure, and tools for performance, security, GUI, API, and unit testing
      • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Release Management)
      • Tracking, roll-up reporting, and documentation 
    • Modernization of success metrics used at all levels including leadership 

Would You Like to Know More?

Contact us or call 317.596.8022 to start a conversation. We look forward to discussing how Moser's Operations Design can make your organization more effective.

moser success stories

Crisis Averted, Future Crisis Prevented

The US and European units of a Topix 70 client needed to get into compliance with the GDPR standards to avoid a possible fine of 5% of global sales. We provided a project ecosystem to support technical teams focused on short-term infrastructure, configuration, and documentation deliverables to get them in compliance. Then, we expanded Moser’s value delivery by creating completely custom products and additional capacities including external integrations and a semi-automatic documentation system to provide a production ecosystem that allows the client to stay in compliance while providing immediate measurable improvements in their overall process.

Transforming for Value and Efficiency

A Fortune 50 health insurance company’s technical group wanted to explore an Agile transformation. While delivering Agile familiarization courses and collaborating with leadership on organization design and metrics changes, we also implemented a tool-stack for strategic planning, task tracking, release management, automated builds, and code management to support Agile transformation. After both the Agile-based methodology and the tool-stack were selected as the solution for the whole business, we also assisted in designing an enterprise-wide instance as representatives of multiple internal business units.

Our Team


Marcus Reed

Principal Consultant/Operations Design Leader 
Marcus has served as a QA Manager, Release Manager, Automation Developer, and Scrum Master in multiple organizations. Since arriving at Moser in 2016, he has developed and delivered our Operations Design services to clients ranging from family-owned businesses to international industry leaders.



Jim McKean

Senior Consultant
Jim McKean is a former IT executive who has helped lead multiple organizations through transitions. He has a background in process mapping, forecasting, human dynamics and facilitative management. He is known for his ability to communicate effectively with both technologists and business leaders and for his skill at coaching through difficult transitions.

jeremy vogt

Jeremy Vogt

Senior Consultant
Jeremy has served as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, and Developer and has over 20 years of experience successfully providing process improvements and business solutions across IT organizations, large and small. As a servant leader, he is an agilist at heart and works as a true partner listening, analyzing, and helping to construct the pathways to successful operations designs.